A vanilla custard e-liquid with a mildly sweet flavor profile, Colossus by Cyclops Vapor delivers notes of cream, egg yolks, vanilla and sugar without presenting any overbearing sugary or eggy flavors.

Cyclopes Vapor Colossus is a perfect choice for those who do not enjoy over-sweetened flavors. With the flavors of egg yolk, vanilla, and cream, this e-juice is surely going to become your favorite part of the breakfast. It gives a lasting taste, which is another feature that makes it a must-try e-juice

Dunk N Vape by 13th Floor Elevapors is a timeless toasted cinnamon graham cracker vape that is mixed with cool frosting. A vape that is sure to remind you of snacktime in the 90s.

Get ready to head back to the 90s and watch some Saturday morning cartoons with this blast from the past.  Take your shortbread cookie with each inhale and dunk it into creamy vanilla icing.  Enjoy that sweet sugar rush with the exhale as you taste the sprinkles at the end.  This flavor will have you hopping!

Sweet tasting and fresh strawberries mixed with a heavy but very delicious sweet cream is the blend of Naked 100 Unicorn.  Although these flavors do not conjure up any thoughts of Unicorns, the intensity and richness of these flavors will leave an indelible mark in your brain that Unicorns equate strawberries and cream.

This is a great e juice that will take you to a different world. The inhaling will bring out the cream flavor giving your taste palate a treat. The exhaling of juice will bring more cream and strawberry taste into play. This is perfect for leaving a pleasant taste on your tongue and to provide an excellent vaping experience.

Space Jam’s Sungrazer gets straight to the point in its simplicity.  If you like glazed lemon cake with some powdered sugar, you will love this vape.

Sungrazer brings you a citrus lemon flavor that lasts.  This dessert flavor brings you a crisp lemony flavor with each inhale.  It finishes strong by offering a decadent cake dripping with glazed syrup on the exhale.  If you are a fan of lemon cake, this sweet concoction is your jam.

With The Hype Strawberry Shortcake by Propaganda E Liquid, one look at the package tells you everything you need to know about what the e-liquid will taste like. Strawberry Shortcake is a frozen treat with a sweet strawberry middle, a layer of vanilla ice cream and plenty of soft cake pieces on the outside.

This vape is a blast from your childhood past and conjures up thoughts of having strawberry ice cream bars on a hot summer day.  The sweet strawberry shortcake flavors provide you with a tasty inhale.  The cool ice cream flavors are what hit the palate on exhale leaving your mouth wanting more.

In a world of vape copycats, Beard Vape Co No. 64 is one flavor that has not been overdone.  It pairs fresh and tarty blue raspberry fruit candy with an equally tarty lemon hibiscus flavor to add that finishing flavor to the exhale.

Those who are fond of fruit and candy themed e-juices, Beard Vape Co No 64 is just the right one for you. Enjoy its subtle sweet flavor with a strong aftertaste that is going to remain for a while. A different yet appealing combination of raspberry and candy, this e-juice has gained rapid popularity with vape lovers.

This is not your uncle’s vape my friends. Uncle Meringue E Juice by Charlie’s Chalk Dust is a vibrantly rich and tasty rainbow sherbet flavor that will punch you in the mouth with the very first hit.

On inhale, this vape give you a rainbow mix of flavoring that makes it hard to decipher an exact flavor.  It does however, have you yearning for more.  The exhale on the other hand is very distinctly a sherbet meringue pie that deliciously compliments the rainbow mix that you initially inhaled.  The throat hit is also very subtle and smooth.


A powerful vapor featuring warm and tasty cinnamon rolls coupled with a sweet vanilla ice cream. Shijin Vapor Dragon Cloud is a dessert lovers dream.

Inhaling this wonderful e juice will take you to another realm; it provides a tasty flavor of cinnamon rolls. To put a cherry on the top, when you exhale, a vanilla ice cream taste will come into play. This will not cause any coughing, irritation, or burning sensation. This vaping juice is perfect for satisfying your sweet tooth.

Apple Fritter by Loaded E Juice is one of two new premium vape flavors manufactured by Ruthless Vapor. This vape is a delicious fresh from the oven apple pastry that is topped with a touch of caramel. For those apple fritter lovers, this vape is for you.

The apple fritter is a flavor that will never let you down in your vaping sprees. It has no doubt raised the bar in vaping and delivered beyond expectations. Its inhale comes with a delectable apple flavor that you would desire to have over and over again. Just like its inhalation is fun, its exhalation adds on to its beauty with the cinnamon sensations and the baked goods. It is extremely smooth to the throat with absolutely no burning or charring feeling. With it you can chuck huge clouds without worrying about any adverse effects.

Brewell MFG’s new Tobacco series flavored eliquid. Brewell’s Original Blend Ejuice is a classic, tobacco flavored ELiquid part of the Brewell Tobacco Series line. Brewell Original Blend is a smooth, natural tobacco flavored ELiquid filled with rich and robust, natural tobacco notes. The Original Blend delivers an authentic tobacco taste that is not too harsh like many tobacco flavors can be.

Watermelon Sour Straws by Bazooka Vape is a nice recreation of the iconic sweet and sour straws candy in vape form.  Juicy and sweet watermelon is cool on the inhale and a slight sweet and sour exhale finishes off the puff.

Warheads have nothing on this boom from Bazooka.  Wonderful watermelon flavor cascades over your taste buds every time you inhale.  Then it kicks you with the sour note at the end.  This delicious blend of sweet and sour beats those candies from back in the day.