Who Are We?

We are reshaping urban connectivity by creating the most mobility-focused, collaborative consumption transportation company ever conceived. Our purpose is higher than transportation.

Project 100 (our code name) is a part of a group of companies bound together by a shared purpose of increasing collisions, facilitating co-learning and increasing the connectedness of the core of downtown Las Vegas. The work we do is linked by a common thread of disruption, a relentless focus on execution and an equally relentless focus on company culture.

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Who Are We Looking For?

We are looking for rock star talent to help us reshape urban transportation. We do things differently so we plan to hire differently. Because we are a startup on steroids we are looking for crazy smart people who can jump into a variety of roles at the drop of a hat. If you have experience in transportation, great, if you don’t, also great. We are looking for people who believe in a higher purpose and most importantly get s**t done.

Our mission is higher than transportation so our team has to think bigger. We’re using our company as a tool towards realizing a higher purpose of connecting a neighborhood. That means we sometimes make decisions using different metrics than a traditional company which leads us to do things people don’t immediately understand.

We are a startup so we work long hours and have a lot of fun. We are an separate, but closely tied offshoot of Downtown Project. We have investors, we’re funded and we plan to share the fruits of our shared efforts with rock star employees.

What Are You Waiting For?

This is an opportunity to join a team building something that’s never been built before. Join us on day one. We offer competitive compensation and equity opportunities for candidates who stand out.

Available Positions

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