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Building something that makes an existing system like transportation better would be hard and sort of fun. Completely recreating the system is harder but it’s a ton more fun. We’re changing the way people move so they can connect more easily with the people and places they care about. If we’re going on this journey together, we might as well have fun and be happy while we do it. Our culture is our most important focus. Trust us, you’ll want to be a part of this journey. Learn more about what we believe and what we value.

Meet our team, with primary role noted. If you want to get in touch email us or email our Founder & CEO.

Eric Zuniga


Jacob Carroll-Serres


Roman Burns


Donovon Skaggs


Wayne Rockwell


Jonathan Jones


Sean Stone

Vehicle Technologist

Kelly Klare


Zain Dossani

Data Scientist

Yoandy Terradas­-Otero


Ryan Quinn

Engineering / BBQ

Jake Eichengreen

System Operations

Corey Schreiber

Member Support / Training

Jamie Collyer

People Ops / Social

Tony Ghita


Matt Kranzler

Engineering, Android

Tom Zaworowski

Engineering, iOS

Donny Guy

Experience Design / Product

Tommy Meusburger


Jeff Newburn

Engineering Lead

Matt Hall

System Operations Lead

Morgan Belsky

People Ops Lead

Adam Joseph


JJ Todd

Business Operations / General Counsel

Matt Dengler


Josh Westerhold

Business Operations Lead

Daniel Senda


Jude Stanion

People Ops / Product

Andy Chatham


Patrick Olson

Product Management Lead / Co-Founder

Zach Ware

Founder & CEO
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What We Offer

We’re building a culture of mindfulness with a focus on helping people to grow both as professionals and humans. In addition to non-stop laughter our team grows personally daily. Trust us, you want to be here.

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