One Year


Exactly one year ago (March 28th) Patrick and I formed a company that we believed could contribute to global happiness and innovation by connecting people to the meaningful places and experiences they care about. Like our work on the Zappos Campus and at Downtown Project, we had no idea at the time that it would become what it is today. I’ve come to believe that most founders have an odd balance of a vision for the potential (endless) but no concept of how it will feel when it really starts to happen. That’s where I am today.

When I wake up each day I’m inspired by what we’re creating together. I’m psyched to spend my days with each of you and couldn’t be prouder of the team we’ve built. I had no idea a year ago that we would be here, today, with a team as cool and smart as we have. Each time I walk into a conversation in BizOps, People, Engineering or Product, I’m blown away. Each of you inspire me daily.

A few days before our founding I had an email conversation that would lead to the founding of our company. See the attached. I had no concept that this simple email converation would lead to what we have today.

Thank you for believing in our vision. Thank you for jumping on this train with us.

We’re going to change the world.

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