Setting the foundation

Building something that makes an existing system like transportation better would be hard and sort of fun. Completely recreating the system is harder and it’s a ton more fun. We’re changing the way people move so they can connect more easily with the people and places they care about. If we’re going on this journey together, we might as well have fun and be happy while we do it. Our culture is our most important focus.

A lot of companies form powerful, consultant-written statements to tell them who they are an what they should care about. Then they put them on posters. We started with a focused mission. From there we’ve built a set of things we care about collectively. The format is less important than the words. The words have power. They are ours.

Our mission is to contribute to global happiness and innovation by connecting people to the meaningful places and experiences they care about.

We make it easier for people to connect with each other and the places they care about. We do that by building systems that move people including shared vehicles, rides, shuttles, bikes and more under a single monthly membership with the promise that you can be on your way in five minutes or less. Our business is a promise.

Our product is our promise and we deliver on our promise consistently and delightfully. To deliver consistently we own every piece of our member experience…the vehicles, the culture and the accountability.

Brand Vision

Our purpose is to remove friction from people’s lives so they can connect with places and people more easily. We do that now by building systems that move people. While our business looks like transportation, our purpose is higher. We don’t re-design flawed systems, we build entirely new foundations.

The products we build aren’t based on the paradigms of yesterday so we constantly ask ourselves, can we do something more or better? What’s our bridge across the Mississippi?

Cities are a collection of people and places. When people connect more frequently, innovation, productivity and happiness rises. We exist to make connecting easier and more frequent.

We believe that friction is both physical and financial. Our belief is that if we remove cost and complexity from the movement equation, people will behave very differently.

We want to solve problems simply, with a single solution for each problem, that lifts the burden of choice from our members.

To innovate we know we have to take long-term view and are willing to be misunderstood for long periods of time to achieve our vision. So we express our vision with a quiet confidence, knowing that what we’ve achieved in a year is more important than what we say today.

We take time to design products that are so useful but so seamless, they get out of our members’ way and become a part of their life’s fabric.

People remember experiences and stories and our success is dependent upon the stories they remember because we were a part of their day. We grow by word of mouth sharing of those stories.

Surprise and delight create stories people remember. We always look for surprising and fun ways to make our members smile.

Complexity is the enemy of fluidity. We whittle every problem and opportunity down to its root and design simple solutions that keep our members’ choices to a minimum. One problem / one solution.

We want to be first, unique or best in everything we do. If we can’t, we don’t.

We know what we do and what we don’t and we don’t waste time chasing people and ideas that don’t serve our purpose.

We believe that the best way to shift people’s thinking is to build a relationship around the things they care about today then slowly help them shift them to a new way of thinking by focusing on shifting their experiences, not their thoughts.

Our culture is about empowerment and growth…as a company and as individuals. The work we do and the opportunities individuals have aren’t based on old measurement systems but by an employee’s demonstrated ability and willingness to learn. Everyone is upwardly mobile.

Since we don’t know what we don’t know, as much as possible we hire to increase the pool of intelligent thinkers to contribute to our evolution rather than focusing solely on reactive hiring to fill holes we’ve defined.

Our opportunity to improve the world doesn’t end with our members. We weave better ways into everything we do. We identify and bring light to other innovators who otherwise wouldn’t be noticed in the hopes that the light we shine makes the world a better, more connected place. That’s our Flugtag.

Our Values

Like so many things our values are a work in progress. These were update on January 16, 2014.

As we discussed at Liftoff 2014, there’s a natural tension between some of our values (e.g. Do vs. live purposefully). Those tensions are intentional, we celebrate them and are forced to make decisions considering all of them together. We are forced to find a two or three way balance and make the best decision we can.

Rise above noise

  • You focus on the things that have an impact, looking beyond the things that don’t.
  • You don’t get distracted by shiny objects.


  • Complexity behind the scenes is better than complexity on the surface.

Live purposefully, act mindfully.

  • You always know why you’re doing what you’re doing, even if you don’t know if it will work.
  • You make 10+ year decisions forgoing the easy path for the one that’s right for the long-term.

Build now, talk later.

  • What you’ve accomplished in a year is more important than what you say today.

Dig deeper, seek clarity.

  • Always look for the root, the why.

Take time to learn and share.

  • You take time to make yourself smarter and more enriched.
  • You take time to share your unique knowledge, perspective and skills with others.

Do. Humbly.

  • You have a bias towards taking action.
  • You want to change the world but do it with a quiet confidence.

Be grateful.

  • We’re lucky to be here. We’re lucky to have each other. We’re lucky to be changing the world.

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