The First Vehicles

Today SHIFT is one step closer to changing the way you move in a city. This morning we took delivery of our first wave of fleet vehicles from our close partners at Tesla. Building a fleet as large as ours means we’ll be taking delivery of vehicles rather frequently so most delivery days won’t be a big deal, but today was special since these are the first vehicles we’ve received specifically configured to help you connect with the places and experiences you care about.

Over the coming weeks and months preceding our launch we will be taking delivery of dozens of vehicles from small urban movers to Tesla Model S’s. The vehicles we received today will be outfitted with our own onboard hardware allowing access without keys and much, much more. For those of you in Downtown Las Vegas, you’ll begin to see them around the neighborhood soon as we test the basic architecture of our systems.

Congrats to our operations team who just checked off a task they have been working on for almost a year. Stay tuned for more as we march towards our large scale launch later this summer.

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